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How Power Digital scaled TikTok ad spend by 30% with Motion

“Motion gives us an efficient way to measure performance and provide strategies for new and long-time clients. Their data-driven insights ensured our quality of work was continuously improving.” ­– Isabelle Katz, Associate Director of TikTok, Paid at Power Digital Marketing


Power Digital Marketing is a growth marketing firm at the intersection of marketing, consulting & data intelligence. Their dedicated team of TikTok experts tailor the strategy, creative, and measurement frameworks that drive incremental growth for brands on the platform.


Native TikTok tools lacked the detail needed to improve content over time

To keep up with the increasing demand from clients seeking to leverage short-form video, Power Digital launched a dedicated team for TikTok services. The team faced hurdles in delivering paid social content that fit the platform’s creative nature and received quality engagement.

The native tools at their disposal, such as TikTok Ads Manager, also fell short of providing consistent analysis and performance measurement. The processes for exporting and reporting on data ate up valuable team bandwidth.

“TikTok is a creative-first platform, but the native tools didn’t give us clear insights on what was working and what wasn’t. The process was time-consuming for our team and lacked the depth needed to support our clients best.”


With Motion, Power Digital gathers vital insights that drive the creative process

For full-service agencies like Power Digital Marketing, the partnership with Motion offers a consistent way to measure performance, provide strategies, and quickly onboard and analyze ads for new clients. Key features — such as comparison reports for interactive add-ons — make testing new iterations easier to navigate and translate into actionable tasks or future changes.

Our comprehensive reporting features allowed their team to aggregate TikTok data for more efficient campaign and creative performance analysis. With more confidence through iteration and testing, the PDM team could tactically increase client ad spend on true top-performing creative:

“We leveraged Motion to identify opportunities to iterate on top performers, rotate in those iterations, and test them against one another to really see what works and what doesn't work. That allowed for us to scale and increase spend at an efficient rate while not hitting users too many times with the same creatives."

Thanks to these clear insights, PDM bridged the gap between the analytical minds of their media buyers and the creative prowess of their TikTok team. All PDM employees have a concise view of positive metrics, such as high click-through and thumbstop rates. This knowledge makes it easier to identify creative fatigue or test different selling points for clients.

“We love how detailed we can get with our reporting in Motion. All of our data is aggregated more cohesively, which empowers us to iterate on top-performing creative and make stronger recommendations for each client.”


Power Digital used Motion to scale up ad spend

Delivering the strongest platform-appropriate assets powered by Motion keeps PDM’s clients returning with positive engagement from paid social campaigns.

Here are a few key results Power Digital has seen so far:

  • 30-40% average increase in client ad spend
  • 200+ hours saved annually on reporting

Looking ahead, Power Digital Marketing aims to continue leveraging Motion for strategic insights that strengthen its TikTok creative process.

“Motion helps ensure we’re pitching, delivering, and properly analyzing the creative we’re putting on TikTok. They’re always listening to our feedback and building new features to improve their platform.”

To see what your Motion can do for your business, speak to our in-house creative strategy experts today.

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