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How ZeroTo1 used Motion to boost client ROAS by 205%

"Motion has become the essential element of our creative strategy and a core differentiator of our agency. Replicating the results we've driven for our clients would have been impossible without the creative insights Motion continues to deliver." – Micah Whitehead, Co-Founder and CMO at ZeroTo1


ZeroTo1 is a full-service performance marketing agency for rapidly growing tech and ecommerce brands with high exit potential. Their extensive client portfolio includes industry leaders such as Instacart, Lowe's, Huel, Landing, and Sakara.


ZeroTo1 needed to simplify creative iteration and reporting

Having spent over 10 years in digital advertising, Micah Whitehead, Co-Founder and CMO of ZeroTo1, knew creative was his strongest lever for driving client growth. However, creative reporting and analysis was a cumbersome task that often involved his team sifting through endless spreadsheets only to uncover surface-level insights.

With each client requiring bi-weekly creative benchmarks and a monthly progress report, manual reporting ate into his team's time for strategy and execution. This scenario was especially troublesome for Micah because of how quickly ZeroTo1 was growing — they onboarded several enterprise-level clients within its first year of operation.

To simplify ZeroTo1's workflow and reallocate his team's time toward client growth, Micah began searching for a tool that would:

  1. Consolidate performance metrics into simplified reports
  2. Reduce time spent on creative reporting
  3. Provide a single source of truth for creative analytics

Having worked successfully with Motion in the past, Micah knew our creative analytics platform was the right tool to solve his growing agency’s dilemma.

"Driving results via creative iteration requires much more than analyzing ROAS and CAC. It's an intricate and ongoing process that most social platforms don't facilitate. That's why we partnered with Motion."


Motion helped Micah's team identify and iterate on winning creative while simplifying ZeroTo1's reporting workflow. Since onboarding, ZeroTo1 has integrated Motion across the entirety of its services, with some amazing benefits:

Benefit #1: Added value from client audits

Like many premier marketing agencies, ZeroTo1 conducts in-depth creative performance audits for each client during onboarding. Traditionally, Micah's team would spend several hours sifting through historical performance, creating benchmarks, and identifying opportunities. With Motion, his team not only spends a fraction of the time on audits but also delivers insights into the performance of copy, headers, and landing pages. Providing these additional insights in less time has been a major value add for ZeroTo1's clients.

Benefit #2: Optimized campaigns and creative strategy

With Motion's ability to deliver granular performance metrics on all creative assets, Micah's team deploys its learnings across all campaigns. For example, using Motion's Video Iteration report, ZeroTo1 found that its client, Huel, saw higher CVR on video ads showcasing product use within the first 6 seconds. Micah's team used these findings to optimize Huel's video campaigns, leading to significant month-over-month performance improvements.

Benefit #3: Time savings with performance reporting

Since partnering with Motion, Micah's team has dropped spreadsheets and pivot tables entirely — to the benefit of their media buyers, creative strategists, and clients. Today, all team members gain meaningful takeaways from ZeroTo1's reporting efforts, thanks to Motion's:

  • Visually simplified reporting formats
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Ability to share creative insights with key stakeholders

The icing on the cake? Motion's in-depth reports take mere minutes to generate, saving Micah's team considerable time on creative reporting across their client portfolio.

"Whether we're looking to unlock new growth channels through big creative swings or make minor improvements on existing campaigns, Motion delivers the creative insights we need to continuously drive client performance."


ZeroTo1 boosts client CVR by 45% with Motion's creative insights

Since the partnership began, Micah no longer has to balance creative iteration with employee bandwidth.

Here are a few hallmark results ZeroTo1 has delivered for clients since onboarding Motion:

  • 205% average increase in client ROAS
  • 45% average increase in client CVR
  • 340+ hours saved annually on creative reporting

With Motion as their single source of truth for creative analytics, Micah and his team have a renewed focus on driving profitable growth for ZeroTo1's clients.

"Motion's creative platform is already leagues ahead of the competition. For any brand or agency conducting creative testing and iteration, it's simply a no-brainer."

To see what your Motion can do for your business, speak to our in-house creative strategy experts today.

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