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How Obvi shipped 4x more winning creative and profitably scaled ad spend with Motion

"It’s no surprise that brands using Motion generate more revenue because the platform helps centralize your time on the right assets versus shooting in the dark." - Ashvin Melwani​​.


Obvi is an 8-figure health and wellness brand known for its diverse line of flavored collagen products. Featured in prominent publications such as Forbes and Business Insider, Obvi has scaled from $0 to over $60 million in sales in less than five years - mostly through its robust DTC and Amazon presence.


Obvi needed to simplify its creative reporting workflow to scale ad spend profitably

The man with the ad plan for Obvi is Ashvin Melwani, a seasoned media buyer who's spent over $100 million on paid advertising throughout his career.

When Ashvin came to us, he had three key problems he needed to solve:

1. He felt like he spent too much time on creative analysis and reporting. Ashvin would also spend hours informing his team on which creatives performed and which didn't.

2. His team of talented videographers and designers didn't have the right data to inform their next set of creatives. As a result, they relied mostly on gut instinct when launching new ads.

3. He needed to ship more winning ads to sustain Obvi's 5-figure daily spend levels on Meta and scale.

Sound familiar?

Let's show you how we helped him solve it.

"Prior to using Motion, there were many disconnects between media buyers and creative teams. This made it difficult to come up with a creative strategy, relay that message to the design team, then take those ads and implement them into the system."


Motion helps Obvi create a culture of creative testing

The saying, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” has never been truer when it comes to creative iteration.

You can have the best designers in the world.

You can have the best video editors in the world.

You can have the best media buyers in the world.

… heck, you can even have the best ads in the world.

But, if you don't have a clear and systematic process for creating hypotheses, generating ads, analyzing the results (whether good or bad), then using the learnings to iterate the ads, and then trying again.

Well – you'll have a really hard time scaling in today's hyper-creative-focused day and age.

So, how did Ashvin create a culture of creative testing at Obvi? Enter Motion.

Motion is now used as the heart of Obvi's creative testing plan, and Ashvin’s team members can quickly find insights to create better ads.

Empowering every executing creative on Ashvin's team to be able to easily log into Motion, analyze their own winning ads, look at the trendlines and metrics, and then go out and create more winners – is ultimately what led to Obvi shipping 4x more winning creative.

But according to Ashvin, the biggest ROI from Motion has NOT come from the features and functionality of the tool itself – and neither the time-saving aspect of it.

Instead - the biggest ROI has come from the proactive culture Motion has created for his creative team and the visibility it has provided everyone with.

In other words - the quantitative results are a result of the culture that our tool has enabled.

"We needed a platform that not only myself but also my team could utilize to create the right ads on a weekly basis. I wanted something user-friendly, visually simplified, and clear to understand. Motion checked all those boxes."


Obvi profitably scales monthly ad spend to over $500,000

With Motion as his single source of truth for creative analytics, Ashvin has successfully created a culture of creative experimentation at Obvi that supports the brand's continued growth.

Here's a quick rundown of the results Obvi has seen since our partnership began:

  • 4x more winning creative shipped with Motion
  • Optimized over $500,000 in monthly ad spend
  • Created a culture of creative experimentation

Moving forward, Ashvin is eager to continue using Motion to gain strategic creative insights that will drive more revenue and brand awareness for Obvi.

"Motion enables us to focus on what's truly important: creative strategy. Since our partnership began, our team continues to make impactful creative decisions in less time, which has been huge for our win rates."

To see what your Motion can do for your business, speak to our in-house creative strategy experts today.

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