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now use Motion App to interact with their audience,
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Create stunning campaigns in minutes. Super easy to use - Drag n' Drop!

MotionApp is the only platform that allows you to create professional audience interaction and engagement campaigns designed automatically discover what your customers want and sell exactly that product or service to them and it's so easy to use that it takes less than 2 minutes to setup your first campaign

Publish to anywhere in a single click. Responsive & Dynamic!

Our robust publishing module that allows to take any campaign from just a draft to a wild buzz in a single click. Other than being responsive, our publishing technology is also very dynamic allowing you publish on our servers, 3rd party websites, blogs, eCommerce stores, social media, landing pages and anywhere you can embed a simple html/iframe code.

Track Performance. Optimize Campaigns. Get Better Results.

A marketing campaign can never be deemed successful if the performance can't be perfectly tracked and that's why at Motion App, we provide you with the military grade tracking technology that will keep by the seconds updates on every single activity on your campaign so you make tweaks and optimize to get better results.

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A restaurant chain is using Motion App to get 200% more reservations

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A beachfront hotel in Miami is using Motion App to secure more guests who love sea view for the summer

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An interior decorating firm in Chicago always use Motion App to discover the preferred wall finishing for the clients homes and offer discounts to close deals.

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A restaurant chain is using Motion App Binary poll to give out coupons and seatreservations

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A restaurant chain is using Motion App Binary poll to give out coupons and seatreservations

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A restaurant chain is using Motion App Binary poll to give out coupons and seatreservations

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& Interior Decor
What kind of cloth are you looking for?

Don't sell blindly

Go beyond forms

Highly engaging

which smartphone do you prefer?

Present tailored offers
according to customer choices

Top Motion App features

Choose from a wide range of
Poll, Survey and Rating formats

Binary Multi Classic Stars Thumbs

Collect email leads, sell products,
drive buyer traffic to any page...

Email leads Auto traffic Social traffic
Coupons, deals & discounts

Get audience opinions right
inside the Facebook Newsfeed

Take your business to where
your customers are

Works with Most Popular
Marketing Platforms

Choose from a wide range of integrations - including all major email marketing services - and send your new leads straight to the tools you already use.

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