A new way to analyze your creatives.
Faster, simpler, better.

Motion helps you visualize which creatives are working and why, so you and your creative team can get results that "wow".

Creative analysis for Facebook Ads
Motion lets you...
Visualize top performing ads
Identify creative burnout
Discover what products perform best
Improve your creative strategy
Share your learnings visually
Pinpoint the offers that work
Visualize top performing ads


Pinpoint your top performing ads, in an instant

“When I need to know what ads are performing best, Motion gives me the answers fast. No more headaches or lost hours referencing Google Data Studios reports.”
Metis Chan
Top performing facebook ad creatives
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Compare ads by parameters to see what is working

"Discovering the right creative direction is so easy with Motion. In a couple clicks, I learned top-of-funnel images were outperforming videos by over 40%."
Chris Mikulin
Facebook creative ad comparison
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Purpose-Built for Creative Analysis

Motion versus Google Data Studios creative analysis
Say goodbye to slow and cumbersome creative analysis. Motion improves upon your spreadsheets and Google Data Studios setup, so you can discover solutions faster and save critical hours of your workweek.
If you’re not employing a full creative strategy in 2021, you simply won't scale. That's why tools like Motion will become a key part of the media buyer's arsenal.
David Herrmann


Communicate your insights, visually

"One of the hardest things is convincing clients to allocate resources into creatives. Motion makes it possible to visually demonstrate where and how this investment makes a difference."
Susan Wenograd
Creative ad testing Facebook
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Leave Out the Guesswork

Create higher-performing assets with powerful creative analysis and visual sharing.

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