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Dara Denney's Creative Report Bundle

Dara has spent years fine-tuning how she measures performance across platforms, and narrowed down metrics that truly matter. These creative reports are her secret to finding bigger strategic insights beyond the numbers.

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Your bundle includes:

Report #1: Top Creatives Overview
See ads driving the majority of conversions in your ad account.
Report #2: Top Creatives Spend Trends
Learn how the algorithm is directing spend towards creatives over time.
Report #3: Creative Performance Deep Dive
Get a visual analysis of how different creatives compare against each other.
Dara Denney's Top Creatives Overview Report
Dara Denney's Top Creatives Spend Trends Report
Dara Denney's Creative Performance Deep Dive Report
Transform your ad accounts with the right metrics

View Dara’s recommended metrics to track which ads are living up to your performance KPIs and what metrics signal creative fatigue.

Extract big strategic learnings

Don’t just collect data. Learn how to see the bigger picture, and make strategic decisions about investing in UGC ads, iterating video for engagement, creative comparison, and more.

Unite data & creativity

See how Dara’s custom reports make analysis digestible for creative teams. Apply her tips to motivate creatives to use performance data when designing new ads.

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“Your clients and team don’t just want to see the numbers. They want your analysis. Why did a specific creative win? What should we invest in next? Creative analysis is what separates the amateurs from the experts.”

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Dara Denney

Let us build these exact reports for you in Motion!

Follow the steps and create the reports yourself. Or book a demo and let us build them for you (for free). We’ll even apply Dara’s column presets with live data from your Meta, TikTok, and YouTube ad accounts.

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