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Motion makes it easy to analyze and visualize performance metrics so you can make data-backed creative decisions.

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Unify your accounts with Motion.

Connect your Meta, TikTok, & YouTube ad accounts to Motion

Stop switching between different ad platforms and measure campaign performance directly through Motion.

  • Get visual breakdowns for your favorite reports like Top Creatives.
  • Analyze ads by grouping them via attributes like copy, headline, etc.
  • Cut silos by sharing reports with internal and external users.
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Data enrichment for improved decision making

Motion allows users to integrate their Google Analytics and Northbeam accounts to perform cross-analysis with in-platform data.

  • Use Northbeam’s first-party data + metrics like New Visits to track performance.
  • Compare in-platform results with Google Analytics or Northbeam.
  • Apply analytics for optimized spend, and allot budget on top performers.
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“Motion empowers my creative team with the data they need to make the right decisions.”

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Nate Champion
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