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How ATTN Agency partnered with Motion to boost their clients’ CVR on ads by 20%

"Motion helps agencies to get much more granular with their creative reporting — all while delivering insights that your whole team can understand." – Kevin Kovach, Director of Paid Social at ATTN Agency


ATTN Agency is a full-funnel performance and growth marketing agency based in San Diego. Known for its tactical and agile media buying, ATTN has driven brand equity for names like Sunday Golf, Suavecito, and Avenged Sevenfold. 


Creative reporting is tedious and time-consuming for media buyers and strategists

Having spent 12 years in paid advertising, Kevin Kovach, Director of Paid Social at ATTN Agency, knew how strenuous creative reporting could be for media buyers and strategists. While creative was ATTN’s #1 lever for helping clients drive profitable growth, developing a scalable cadence for creative reporting was a mammoth task.

Kevin and his co-workers would sink hours into generating reports while also being tasked with condensing findings into a digestible format for every team—from creatives to management. As each buyer/strategist spends an average of 8 hours weekly on reporting, ATTN’s team would lose dozens of hours monthly—limiting their bandwidth to pursue other business objectives. 

To bolster ATTN's creative reporting capabilities, save his team’s valuable time, and drive results for their clients, Kevin sought a partner that would: 

  1. Streamline creative reporting across all social platforms
  2. Translate creative insights into easily digestible reports
  3. Identify key drivers of creative performance to boost ad metrics

Shortly into his search, Kevin discovered Motion while browsing LinkedIn. After a short intro call to explore our creative analytics platform, he knew he’d found the ideal partner. 

"A major portion of the standard buyer's week is spent on reporting, specifically creative reporting. I know buyers who would lose at least 8 hours per week—just building and presenting reports." - Kevin Kovach, Director of Paid Social at ATTN Agency 


When Kevin onboarded Motion, he was particularly excited about two core benefits of our tool: 

Benefit #1: Efficient creative reporting that enables buyers and strategists to focus on clients

Whenever ATTN's media buyers or strategists need to generate a creative report, all they have to do is: 

  1. Open Motion's dashboard
  2. Select their date range and ad filters
  3. Choose visual preferences (i.e., line charts vs. bar charts)
Model-focused creative did not show strong correlation to top performance. However, several UGC subcategories did.

This intuitive workflow helps ATTN's media buyers, and strategists generate reports that are both visually captivating and granular in minutes. It’s a benefit that ATTN’s EVP of Creative Services, David Adesman, touts as “pivotal” both in his and his team’s day-to-day routine.

As an added bonus, Motion's built-in filters help ATTN’s team sort ads based on performance metrics (CPC, AOV, etc.) to identify the highest-performing creatives with a few clicks. 

With Motion as their central hub for all creative reporting efforts, ATTN's buyers and strategists can refocus the bulk of their time toward strategy and building a stronger rapport with their clients.

Benefit #2: In-depth findings that yield better ad performance for clients

Unlike most creative reporting solutions, Kevin finds Motion goes the extra mile to ensure findings are both in-depth and actionable.

For example, ATTN frequently uses Motion to: 

  • Identify where in the video funnel viewers take action
  • Understand performance based on different value propositions
  • Help creators beat fatigue by identifying the greatest metric returns for their efforts

Motion’s custom tagging, in particular, has helped ATTN unearth patterns in their clients’ data that have led to powerful brand-level insights. 

For example, David used Motion’s custom tagging feature to help a client track the effectiveness of its promo copy to identify which language and discounts were driving the most ROI. With Motion, David found that while the largest discount amounts were highly effective in driving CTR,  the overall most effective creative was actually the lowest discount, with the highest CVR and third-highest ROAS and CTR. 

BOGO and free gift with purchase campaigns had the strongest correlation with ROI.

Delivering granular metrics like these to clients would take hours or even days of David and his team’s time. With Motion, those hours quickly transform into minutes. 

"Motion has helped ATTN unearth a new way of looking for patterns within the data that wouldn't have been feasible due to time and labor constraints. Having the actual creative displayed next to our metrics has also opened up a whole new world of what we can do in terms of strategy and driving insights."  – David Adesman, Executive VP at ATTN Agency 


Motion helps ATTN Agency streamline creative reporting and bolster client ad performance

Here are the highlights from the Motion/ATTN partnership so far:

  • 20% increase in CVR of social ads
  • 2–3x scale of daily social spend

The ATTN team’s continuous feedback has already shaped aspects of the Motion platform and experience. Moving forward, Motion can’t wait to implement more features that will empower ATTN’s clients to benefit from smarter marketing. 

"The Motion team is always available whenever we have questions, issues, or technical assistance needs. We’ve loved the recent new features and can see they’ve directly used our feedback in the product roadmap.” - Kevin Kovach, Director of Paid Social at ATTN Agency 

To see what your Motion can do for your business, speak to our in-house creative strategy experts today.

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