Run DMG's Gil David on the creative tests everyone should run

Gil David, founder of agency Run DMG, shared some time with us to explore his experiences as an agency owner and how he navigates developing creative strategies with his clients.

As one first adopters of Motion, Gil has skillfully leveraged the tool to narrow into key learnings for his clients:

“Is it black and white? Is it more lifestyle focused? Does it have women or men? If you can isolate the main elements and cross test to figure out what exactly is working, you can figure out how to drive performance.”

What composes Run DMG's creative mindset?

  • The dynamics of the agency has changed. When Gil first started Run DMG, he could run anything and get results. Today there is a big shift to running creatives that either look good or are strong UGC. This has shifted workflow towards taking more time to plan creatives with clients.
  • The agency-client relationship is king. The more involved the brand is in creatives, the stronger of an understanding they have of what they should mean to their customers. Consequently, Gil focuses on highlighting creatives as strategic levers and highlighting learnings to brands.
  • Zero-ego is essential. Sometimes the creative that someone else believes in more will be the winner - and vice versa. Approaching creatives methodologically and without any ego is critical to the building of the creative playbook.

What creative tests should everyone be running?

During the conversation, Gil shared some reports that he values the most:

  • Top Performing Ads. Keeping an eye on the top performing ads allows Gil to see what creatives from each refresh are working best.
  • Landing page analysis. By adding labelling into his naming convention, Gil monitors what landing pages are perform the strongest with each type of ad.
  • Small-detail tests like offer analysis. Testing some of the smaller details can lead to big results. Running a comparative analysis test on offers helped Gil discover that he could improve performance by making a small shift in language from "50% off" to "Half Price".

Tune into the entire video above to discover more of Run DMG’s creative process and learnings!

Gil David is the founder of Run DMG. He can be found on Twitter at @Gil_RunDMG.

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