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How The Social Savannah saves 520 hours annually on creative reporting with Motion

"I honestly couldn't live without Motion at this point. One of the biggest problems I've had working with clients is not having the data to tell me what ads are working and, more importantly, why the ads are working. With Motion, the answers to these questions are only a few clicks away." - Savannah Sanchez, Founder of The Social Savannah


Founded by media buying veteran and ad creative expert Savannah Sanchez, The Social Savannah (TSS) is a premier Meta and TikTok ad agency. With many top ecommerce brands under its belt, such as Harmless Harvest and Dr. Squatch, TSS sets the standard for high-performing direct-response social ads. 


The Social Savannah needed a single source of truth for creative analytics

Like many prominent ecommerce marketing agencies, TSS relies heavily on high-quality ad creatives to drive growth for its clients. However, determining ad performance for an extensive list of over 50 clients would often require the team to sift through numerous ad accounts only to uncover surface-level insights. 

Without a clear vision of what ads were performing and why, TSS found it challenging to make tactical marketing decisions and prove its value to clients. This was especially troubling as they engaged in month-to-month agreements with clients who would frequently inquire about ad performance. 

To solve these pain points, TSS sought an all-in-one creative analytics solution that would:

  • Consolidate ad performance data into one central hub
  • Generate easy-to-understand reports for stakeholders
  • Help its team identify and iterate on winning creative

Shortly into her search, TSS founder Savannah Sanchez found Motion. After a 15-minute demo, she knew she'd found the perfect solution to her dilemma.

"At best, before Motion, I would have to request view access into clients' ad accounts. But as everyone in this field knows, being able to dissect the data from an ad account and make that into actionable next steps for a creative team is extremely difficult."


Motion helps The Social Savannah establish a robust creative flywheel

TSS integrated Motion as its single source of truth for creative analytics. Since the partnership began, TSS has used Motion to uncover highly granular performance metrics, including: 

  • Top-performing creative formats
  • Thumbstop ratios for video ads
  • Video and image iteration opportunities

With this improved clarity into creative performance, TSS began conducting in-depth creative testing to extract more value from existing ads and guide strategy for new campaigns.

For example, TSS uses Motion's Video iteration report to identify ads with the strongest thumbstop, meaning users are intrigued by the hook but might drop off later in the ad. Their team uses these findings to create iterations of the ad by keeping the hook but swapping the body of the ad to make it more compelling.

TSS also uses Motion to extract more value from its ads by combining top-performing creative with winning copy, voiceovers, or influencers. For instance, when TSS notices a specific video ad is driving results, they'll shoot another ad with the same script but feature a different talent to see if it resonates with other audiences. 

This ability to make high-impact experimental changes to each ad variable has also fostered a more productive company culture for TSS, whose editors and creators now find themselves collaborating on improving ad performance more than ever before.

The icing on the cake? With Motion's ability to generate easy-to-understand and granular creative performance reports, TSS spends far less time justifying its marketing actions to clients and more time strategizing how to drive ad performance.   

"Motion has been critical in proving our value to clients, iterating on the ads we're producing, and improving our workflow internally by giving feedback to creators and editors on what we need to change. Their creative analytics platform is leaps and bounds beyond the competition."


The Social Savannah streamlines its creative reporting workflow — shipping more winning ads in less time

With Motion, TSS has transformed its creative flywheel and workflow into a core pillar of client growth.

Here are a few hallmark results TSS has seen since the partnership began:

  • 520 hours saved annually on creative reporting 
  • 50+ clients served high-impact creative reports 
  • 100+ new winning ads shipped weekly thanks to Motion’s creative insights

Moving forward, TSS can't wait to scale its roster of clients and drive brand growth via creative. As a rapidly growing ad agency, TSS looks forward to scaling alongside Motion in the coming years.

"Motion has positioned us as much more of a data-driven agency than so many other agencies not using its platform. They're always coming out with new features and ways to analyze your data in response to what other advertisers' agencies are craving. We can't wait to see how the platform will evolve in the coming years!"

To see what your Motion can do for your business, speak to our in-house creative strategy experts today.

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