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How Structured saves 360+ hours per year on creative reporting with Motion

"Motion allows us to craft a more consistent narrative around which creative assets are working and which aren't. After iOS 14, we were in the dark. Motion was the light at the end of the tunnel. – Nick Shackleford, Co-Founder and CRO at Structured


Structured is a performance marketing powerhouse of over 75 dedicated professionals with a shared obsession for driving growth. With over 150 brands under its belt, Structured has a well-earned reputation for helping brands of all sizes drive revenue and scale their businesses.


iOS 14 privacy updates doubled the time Structured spent on creative reporting

Anyone working in the marketing industry remembers the stress around the privacy changes that came with the release of iOS 14. For Nick Shackleford, Co-Founder and CRO at Structured, this update was especially troubling as it negatively impacted time spent on creative reporting.

Seemingly overnight, brands and agencies — including Structured — lost their ability to: 

  • Ensure ads were delivered to relevant audiences
  • Tailor the frequency at which ads were delivered 
  • Measure and report on conversions from certain users

Before iOS 14, the Structured team spent less than an hour weekly compiling metrics for client review. After the update ruined the accuracy of their custom metrics, the Structured team spent twice as much time gathering data and generating reports.

This reporting bottleneck was especially troubling for client relations. Clear and consistent creative reporting was Nick's most reliable method of conveying Structured's value and driving growth for clients, but the time sink affected his team's ability to focus on other business initiatives — not an ideal position for a full-service marketing agency with over 150 brands under its belt. 

Rather than reducing reporting frequency or increasing headcount, he began searching for a tool that would:

  • Reduce time spent on creative reporting
  • Provide a single source of truth for creative analytics
  • Present findings in an easy-to-understand format for all stakeholders

Shortly into his search, Nick found Motion. After a quick demo, he knew he found the solution to Structured's reporting problem.

"When we lost the ability to deliver consistent creative insights, we dropped a client touchpoint. We worried this made us less credible when discussing ad performance." 


Motion provides Structured with a single source of truth for creative analytics 

Motion worked with Structured to improve creative reporting efficiency and provide a central hub for all creative analytics.

Since onboarding Motion, Nick has seen a dramatic reduction in time spent on creative reporting and a noticeable increase in positive client feedback.

He attributes these successes to these key benefits of our platform: 

Benefit #1: Motion reports are easy to create and understand

Before Motion, generating creative reports required the skills and knowledge of Structured's department leaders. Now, team members at any level can generate visually simplified and granular reports in minutes.

This streamlined reporting process also improved Structured's creative reporting frequency, helping them increase touchpoints with clients and build more trust. With granular performance metrics at their fingertips, the Structured team spends far less time justifying its marketing actions and more time helping clients strategize ways to boost growth.

"We didn't want our clients just to take our word that our strategy is working. We wanted to show them what we were doing and why. Motion makes conveying that value effortless."  

Benefit #2: Unmatched creative reporting versatility

Nick was also impressed by Motion's versatility. He can generate custom reports to display critical KPIs based on in-depth metrics for video, imagery, copy, and landing pages.

For example, one of Structured's multi-million-dollar clients releases a new line of baby products twice a month. To analyze ad performance for these new products, Structured built two evergreen reports in Motion that compare CPA vs. spend and CPA per asset. Structured then uses these reports to evaluate and adjust monthly ad spend. 

With Motion, they retain these crucial custom insights for a client that spends up to $1 million monthly on ads.   


Structured saves 30+ hours per month on creative reporting while delivering more actionable insights to clients

With Motion, Nick no longer finds himself balancing creative reporting with employee bandwidth. Structured's creative reporting workflow runs in the background so Nick and his team can focus on new ways to drive growth for their clients.

Here's a snapshot of the results Structured has seen since onboarding Motion:

  • 360+ hours saved annually on creative reporting
  • 100% increase in number of client touchpoints

Moving forward, Nick is confident that Motion will continue to be an important partner for identifying and iterating on winning creative.

"Motion is innovating in all the right areas. We're excited they're close enough to our industry to keep making tools that enable us to win."

To see what your Motion can do for your business, speak to our in-house creative strategy experts today.

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