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How HexClad increased top-of-funnel spend by 60% with Motion’s creative insights

"It’s simply incredible how deep we can dive into the creative data with Motion. We would be light years behind creative-wise if we hadn't partnered with them when we did." - Cameron Bush, Director of Paid Media at HexClad 


HexClad is a premium, innovative cookware brand used and praised by veteran chefs like Gordon Ramsay. Their patented hybrid cookware combines Michelin-star performance with cleanup convenience not seen anywhere else in the cooking industry.


HexClad's marketers needed a scalable way to report on creative performance

Like many DTC brands, HexClad makes the most of paid media and beautiful creative to drive traffic and sales. However, their lean marketing team was stretched thin due to manual reporting. 

For starters, neither Facebook nor NorthBeam let HexClad export destination URLs for pivot tables. So, they used in-depth naming conventions and formula-heavy spreadsheets for all ads, which ate up dozens of hours every month. The sheer amount of busy work impacted their ability to level up their paid media strategy and push new content. 

Cameron Bush, Director of Paid Media at HexClad, knew creative was his strongest lever for growth — but there had to be a way to deliver comprehensive insights in less time. That's when he found Motion

"Before Motion, our reporting process required crazy naming conventions and convoluted spreadsheets. It was a nightmare that took a significant amount of our lean marketing team's time." 


With Motion, HexClad turns in-depth creative reporting into a scalable process

Within 48 hours of onboarding, the Motion team helped Cameron import HexClad’s data from NorthBeam and generate an auto-populating report to view all ad destinations within any time frame. This report alone has saved his team 10+ hours per week. 

HexClad's ecommerce manager, London Spilker, has also used Motion to dive deep into the brand’s creative analytics, spinning up granular yet easy-to-read performance reports based on:

  • Value proposition
  • Influencers involved 
  • Static imagery vs. video
  • And much more…

This improved clarity helps London's team identify winning creative in a fraction of the time – ultimately enabling them to scale spend on top-of-funnel channels.

With this newfound marketing efficiency, HexClad can also expand its reach. For example:

  • Buyers can own reporting — Equipped with Motion, HexClad’s media buyers take ownership of creative reporting and sharing metrics with agency partners and leadership. This lets Cameron and London focus on the brand’s paid media strategy.
  • Easier onboarding for partners — Since HexClad’s international partners also use Motion, this streamlines onboarding for external agencies. 
"Motion has been a major unlock of simplicity in creative reporting. It's an absolute game-changer when you're trying to iterate across a wide network of in-house marketers and external agencies."- London Spilker, ecommerce manager at HexClad  


HexClad scales top-of-funnel spend by 60% while reducing time spent on creative reporting

With Motion at their side, HexClad's lean marketing team has turned in-depth creative reporting into a profitable, scalable process. 

Here are a few key results HexClad has seen so far: 

  • Scaled spend on top-of-funnel channels by 60%
  • Doubled creative testing output
  • 10+ hours saved weekly on reporting

Moving forward, Cameron and London can't wait to continue using Motion to gain strategic creative insights that drive more revenue and brand awareness for HexClad. 

"We can't wait to move mountains with Motion in the coming months. Creative reporting was an absolute battle last year, but now, it’s become the foundation of our paid media strategy." 

To see what your Motion can do for your business, speak to our in-house creative strategy experts today.

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