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How Fluency Firm saw a 30% increase in ROAS with Motion

"Motion gives us the flexibility to transition from analyzing high-level trends to diving into more granular metrics. Combined with Motion’s easy-to-understand visualizations, this has been a game-changer for driving ad performance" - Rachael Gorder, Lead Creative Strategist at Fluency Firm


Founded by DTC experts with extensive Fortune 500 experience, Fluency Firm is an end-to-end growth marketing agency based in Los Angeles. Known for its portfolio of celebrity-owned brands, Fluency Firm marries data, omnichannel strategy, and creative to power profitable growth. 


Identifying top-performing creative is a taxing process

Rachael Gorder, Lead Creative Strategist at Fluency Firm, works with a number of DTC brands to optimize ads around their best-performing creative. However, extrapolating data from ad managers and creating unique spreadsheets became a massive time sink. Despite spending hours digging through the data, she felt like she could only deliver surface-level insights to her clients. 

Rachael aimed to win back valuable time and (most importantly) generate more granular insights for Fluency Firm's clients. She began searching for a solution that would: 

  1. Produce reports in less time without sacrificing specific, accurate insights
  2. Present findings in an intuitive format so every marketer gains meaningful takeaways

Rachael had already worked with Motion at her previous agency. She had such a positive experience back then that she didn’t hesitate to bring us on as a partner for Fluency Firm. 


Since implementing Motion, Rachael has bridged the gap between accurate, insightful reporting, and scalability. She attributes this to three core benefits of our platform: 

Benefit #1: Condense granular metrics into easy-to-understand reports

As a highly visual creative reporting tool, Motion pairs all of Fluency Firm’s creative assets with their corresponding performance metrics in a simplified format. 

These intuitive visualization options—from bar and line charts to card views—help every team member to understand their numbers, regardless of their data fluency. 

Now, the team at Fluency Firm can identify opportunities to supercharge clients’ ad performance—without scanning spreadsheets for hours on end. 

Benefit #2: Identify top-performing creative in seconds

The most common question brands have for agencies is, "How do we know what's working?” With Motion, Rachael can now filter reports based on specific performance metrics. This means Fluency Firm can easily identify which creative performs best based on KPIs like: 

  • Cost per click
  • Click-through rate
  • Return on ad spend
  • Average order value
  • Cost per acquisition

This feature has already driven results for one of Fluency Firm’s clients: a celebrity-founded skincare brand. 

The brand wanted to quantify the performance of creatives displaying its Allure Best of Beauty Award vs. those without it. Motion facilitated a split test, which showed spotlighting the award boosted ROAS by 30%. 

“Motion makes it easy for our clients to understand which creatives drive growth and which require iteration. This has been huge in scaling social spend, and coaching clients into being more flexible around testing new strategies.”

Benefit #3: Seamlessly share findings with internal and external teams

With Motion, Rachael doesn’t just discover opportunities to optimize ad performance. She can also share clear breakdowns of those findings with her internal team and clients. 

For example, let’s say Rachael identifies a video ad with a below-average thumbstop percentage. She plans to swap the first few seconds of that ad with creative from a more successful post. So, she isolates her findings and sends a shareable link to her team and the client—bringing everyone straight to the findings page in Motion. 

This benefit streamlines client communications for Rachael while accelerating turnaround times for ad optimizations. 

"In the past, our creatives would take one look at Ads Manager and run the other way. Motion’s ability to condense in-depth findings into easily digestible reports has been key in helping our entire team make sense of our data—regardless of how well they work with numbers." 


With Motion, Fluency Firm saves 500+ hours yearly on creative reporting

Since partnering with Motion, Rachael spends far less time generating reports and more time translating findings into high-ROI ad strategies for clients. 

Here are a few key results Fluency Firm has seen from its partnership with Motion: 

  • An average 30% increase in ROAS across their client ad accounts
  • 560 hours saved per year on creative reporting

Looking ahead, as Fluency Firm gets ready to service even more beloved high-growth brands, Rachael plans to use Motion to scale social spend efficiently and drive profitable growth. 

"The Motion team is always coming out with new updates, and our clients love how we're using the platform to analyze performance data in new ways. We can’t wait to see how the platform will evolve in the coming years." 

To see what your Motion can do for your business, speak to our in-house creative strategy experts today.

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