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How AS Beauty scaled ad spend by 500% over 30 days with Motion

"Motion has elevated our creative reporting capabilities to a whole new level. Not only is their interface incredibly user-friendly, but our reports are now much more granular. It's been a game-changer for our creative and growth teams." – Ross Campbell, Director of Performance Creative at AS Beauty


AS Beauty is a New York-based beauty group with an extensive portfolio of prestige cosmetics logos. Their portfolio includes Laura Geller Beauty, Julep Beauty, Mally Beauty, Cover FX, and Bliss. 


AS Beauty needed to bridge the gap between its growth and creative teams

As Director of Performance Creative at AS Beauty, Ross Campbell recognized an operational barrier between his growth and creative teams. 

Although they ran bi-weekly meetings about ad performance, creative team members found it difficult to gain meaningful takeaways from cluttered pivot tables and spreadsheets. Plus, AS Beauty runs multiple brands, so creative reporting across their whole portfolio ate up the growth team's time. 

The AS Beauty team was stuck between spending hours creating reports and trying to share and talk about what the findings meant. This process kept them moving slowly and blocked their ad production process.

To solve these pain points, Ross sought an all-in-one solution that would: 

  • Transform ad metrics into an easy-to-understand format for his creative team
  • Provide a single source of truth for creative analytics that could be accessed and used by anyone — regardless of data fluency
  • Reduce time spent on creative reporting — enabling his growth team to focus on driving ad performance

Having worked with Motion in his previous role at an agency, Ross scheduled a demo to see how our creative analytics platform had evolved since then. After a quick 15-minute session, Ross knew he’d (once again) found the perfect solution for his team. 

"Our growth team spends many hours a week exporting data from ad platforms and creating pivot tables to analyze performance. That time isn't spent efficiently if our creative team doesn't gain meaningful takeaways from that data." 


AS Beauty integrated Motion as its single source of truth for all creative analytics. Less than a month later, Ross saw a significant increase in ad performance and productivity — for both the growth and creative teams. He attributes this success to two key benefits of Motion: 

Benefit #1: Visually simplified reports all teams can understand

Motion captures real-time creative metrics in a highly visual, easily accessible format. That combination has been invaluable for AS Beauty: Now, every team member gains meaningful takeaways from creative reporting. 

What really won Ross over was seeing his creatives use Motion to independently analyze and share performance metrics. This was a testament to Motion's ease of use and reduced the creative team's reliance on the growth team for actionable metrics. 

With both teams clearly understanding the data surrounding creative assets, cross-collaboration and productivity have skyrocketed. 

Benefit #2: Granular performance metrics for every creative asset

According to Ross, Motion’s greatest value-add is its ability to deliver granular insights for all creative assets. Whether looking at imagery, video, copy, or even landing pages, AS Beauty can identify and iterate on top-performing creative assets in minutes. 

For example, prior to Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Ross built a comparative analysis board in Motion to analyze which ad formats performed best. Here’s what he found: 

  1. When comparing spend against ROAS, he found that although AS Beauty spent more on videos, static imagery delivered much more bang for their buck. 
  2. So, AS Beauty zeroed in on static image ads for BFCM and, in only six days, saw a significant uptick in ROAS. 
  3. AS Beauty took this opportunity to double down on these winning creative assets by increasing ad spend by 500%. 

AS Beauty still sees a strong, lingering performance for these ads, even after removing their BFCM promos.

"Rather than testing many ads and seeing what sticks, we can now identify top-performing creative, copy, landing pages, and more to double down on winners and ditch non-performers." 


AS Beauty bridges the gap between growth and creative, resulting in 20+ hours saved on reporting monthly

Today, using Motion is essential to AS Beauty’s reporting workflow. 

Here's a snapshot of the results since our partnership began: 

  • Scaled ad spend (on statics) by 500% over 30 days
  • Saved 20+ hours on creative reporting monthly
  • Increased team efficiency by 30% 

While AS Beauty plans to grow its headcount in the coming months, Ross is relieved to have Motion as a partner and tool to help his new hires understand the data surrounding creative reporting. In his words, "I'm excited to work with Motion in the future because there's simply no way of going back." 

"Motion’s streamlining of our creative reporting process has helped our teams collaborate on a higher level. Now, everyone in our meetings knows how our ads are performing, and there's no need to waste time reviewing redundant metrics. Motion enables us to strategize on the more qualitative features of our ads." 

To see what your Motion can do for your business, speak to our in-house creative strategy experts today.

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