Cuts Clothing’s Kyle Lawrence on how “the best idea always wins"

Kyle Lawrence, Director of Acquisition for Cuts Clothing, shared some time with us last week to walk us through how him and his team navigates marketing and creative.

The brand’s creative prowess is no coincidence. Creative is embedded in the heart of Cuts Clothing through the culture of the marketing team:

“We have a common saying here at Cuts that “Best idea always wins”. All creative concepts are scored by Impact, Confidence, and Ease; and the score itself tells us what idea to move forward on.”

What does the creative process look like?

  • Brainstorming happens once a month with the in-house creative team. Dubbed Food and Fire, it’s a creative brainstorming session that takes place over lunch. Ideas are pooled and scored according to an ICE format (impact, confidence, and ease), with two winners taken to shoot.
  • All creative shoots are then monitored by an Airtable experiment doc. Here, status is tracked and all data relevant to the experiment is monitored.

Other key takeaways

During the conversation, Kyle dropped other valuable golden nuggets on how he thinks about creative.

  • Placements need to be considered during the creative process. Every placement is unique and behaves differently. Someone going through an Instagram Story has a different experience than one on the feed - for example, 70% of people watching IG Stories will have their sound on, while those on the feed don't.
  • When doing shoots, have in-house on hand. By involving members of the Cuts Clothing team with the shooting process, Kyle gets an extra pair of eyes and can capture organic iPhone footage that performs well on native platforms.
  • Motion allows the team to hop in and see how their creatives perform. For videos, Kyle has a report that measures AIDA, which the video team uses to monitor ad effectiveness (everything before the user gets to the website). He has an influencer report which allows him to see which models perform best. All these reports help lead creative decisions.

Be sure to tune into the entire video above to discover more of Cuts Clothing’s creative process and learnings!

Kyle Lawrence is VP Acquisition at the Cuts Clothing team. He can be found on Twitter at @Kyle_R_Lawrence.

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