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A virtual event series with Dara Denney

Performance marketing expert, Dara Denney, has spent 10,000 hours and $100 million in paid social ads in the last eight years. In this exclusive Motion series, she'll walk you through how to implement creative strategy to produce high-performing ads. Catch the replays for all four events below.

Dara Denney
Dara Denney
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“In these training sessions, I'll show you my exact process for coming up with ads that transform ad accounts. This is the creative training that I wish I had starting out.”
Dara Denney
"In these training sessions, I’ll show you my exact process for coming up with ads that transform ad accounts. This is the creative training that I wish I had starting out."
Dara Denney
Dara Denney

Top takeaways

Learn how to build a dynamic creative team that easily nails the creative workflow

See tactical insights to start building high-converting campaigns today

Watch how Dara uses analytics her in her day-to-day creative decision making

Get insights on 2023 trends – what’s working and why + tips to win performance


Dara Denney

Dara is a Senior Director of Performance Creative with a proven track record of building ad strategies that drive revenue.

She's a master at unifying data and creative, bringing unique insights to research, ideation, testing, production, and analysis.

She has teamed up with Motion to highlight top trends, spotlight strategies, and explore solutions to latest challenges in the industry. Join this series to get your hands on tactical learnings, free templates, and actionable strategies that you can implement right away.

What’s on the agenda:

Build & scale your performance creative team for next level growth

Tuesday, May 30 at 2pm ET

Learn how to form a team of high-performing marketers and understand the dynamics of keeping them motivated to outperform and scale. Dara will break down different roles, responsibilities, and how to optimize your team’s creative workflow for ultimate success.

How top brands and agencies develop ads that convert

Tuesday, June 13 at 2pm ET

Dara walks us through her proven approach to creative strategy. Discover her step-by-step approach to conducting research, testing, iteration, production, etc. and getting the ROAS that brands dream of. Flex your creative muscle by using Dara’s freebie at the end of the session.

Tips to ace creative strategy using analytics

Tuesday, June 27 at 2pm ET

A true marketer understands that numbers and results always lead the way. See how Dara uses creative analytics to inform strategy and drive conversions. She’ll unpack top metrics to track and inspire confidence in the research, planning, and post-launch stages of campaigns.

Maximize creative performance: round up of top trends and formats

Tuesday, July 11 at 2pm ET

Hear all about trends du jour for the second half of 2023 from Dara to stay ahead of competition and remain relevant. Bring your notepads for ideas and inspiration – Dara will unpack tactics, tools, and best practices you can implement right away.

Can't make it to all four events?

Register anyway and we’ll forward you the recording + free resources later.

Dara Denney
Dara Denney