Panel interview

Fundamentals of creative analysis

Creatives have become the biggest lever of success for ads and everyone in the creative must have a role in this process. Join this panel of experts for a comprehensive understanding of creative analysis and how different roles can use them to achieve desired results for any campaign.

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Panel interview

Fundamentals of creative analysis

March 25, 2022

Whether you’re new to creative analysis or know a few tricks yourself, this session with creative experts will provide you with the best methods to run data-driven ad campaigns.

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Event details
Reza Khadjavi
Co-founder & CEO, Motion
Tanner Duncan
Co-Founder & Media Buyer, Like We Are Friends
Susan Wenograd
Growth & Demand Generation Consultant
Ryan Kovach
Head of Customer Success, Northbeam

Susan Wenograd is a Growth & Demand Generation Consultant with 20+ years of digital marketing experience and passion for customer acquisition and demand generation. She’s worked for a wide range of clients including General Motors, Instacart, Lulus, and many others to craft targeted ad campaigns.

Tanner Duncan is a Media Buyer and Co-Founder of Like We Are Friends, a boutique agency that scales e-commerce brands. He specializes in Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok advertising, helping creative teams build high-performing direct response ads.

Ryan Kovach is the Head of Customer Success and Strategy at Northbeam. He’s worked extensively with agencies in the past on exercises like briefing strategies and KPI reporting. He’s managed over $50M+ on paid social and currently leads Northbeam’s growth in marketing attribution. 

“The need for fresh creatives is at an all-time high because people tend to tune out stuff faster.”

Susan Wenograd
Growth & Demand Generation Consultant