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For the longest time, Facebook (uhum, Meta) was the bulk of the ad creative workflow. With over a decade of validation, marketers had trusted it as the best source of truth for testing whether a creative would work or not. This was reflected in most calls we shared with marketers, with the most common ask being new ways for us to leverage the data Facebook provides us.

This changed seemingly overnight around October of last year.

Suddenly, my feedback board was populated with one request from dozens of marketers: TikTok! TikTok! TikTok! It sounded like a clock, and quite honestly it felt like one with the pace that it came in.

No longer was Facebook the only platform for creative testing in town – now it had company. And this made sense. As a social media platform, TikTok truly puts the creative first. And with advanced user algorithms, the ability for brands to truly test whether an ad creative has strong fit with consumers was elevated to new levels.

This is why we couldn’t be more excited to announce our largest launch yet: TikTok for Motion.

Say hello to TikTok ⏰

Our new integration applies the Motion experience you’ve grown to love to TikTok.

Connect your TikTok Advertiser to any Motion workspace, and you can cut and carve any creative report to visualize your TikTok data and share it with your teams.

Top Performing Ads: Create a leadership-style report showcasing your top performing ads, grouped according to ad name and ranked according to any KPI of your choosing. Click into any creative to see full previews, and share your custom reports with anyone in your organization with a click of a button.

Comparative Analysis: Compare trends in ad performance over time, grouping ads together in limitless ways to answer questions such as how influencers, audiences, or concepts perform over time.

Connect your account in seconds 👏

TikTok is in Motion today. To get started, visit your Workspace Settings on any account and select the Connect a New Data Source button. Looking forward to you exploring everything the TikTok integration has to offer!

Get a tour of Motion’s creative analytics platform. We’ll even build free sample reports for you using live data from your TikTok, Meta, and YouTube ad accounts.

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Elliott Brand
Product Manager, Motion

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