Facebook and Google Analytics results, side-by-side

Batman and Robin. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Mulder and Scully. History is full of dynamic duos. And on Motion, we are excited to introduce the latest one: Facebook and Google Analytics.

With the craziness that was 2020, it become more evident than ever before that high quality data was the currency of the marketer. iOS 14.5 shifted Facebook's ability to accurately report on results without predictive algorithms. And with that, marketers began to introduce more and more attribution tools to their tech stack.

Starting today, you'll now be able to load Google Analytics data alongside your Facebook results on any Top Performing Ads report. This has long been one of our most requested features - and now, it will be easier than ever for you to create visual-rich creative reports that include the data that is most important to your businessses.

Meet Google Analytics👋

Motion's new Google Analytics integration will allow you to connect any Motion account on your Workspace to a Google Analytics view. Once connected, you'll be able to load six columns into your Motion report:

  • Sessions
  • Purchases
  • Purchase Value
  • Conversion Rate
  • CPA
  • ROAS

All of these KPIs can be loaded on your tables and visualized against one another as you would with any Top Performing Ads report in the current Motion interface.

Set up in just two minutes 👏

Our Google Analytics integration leverages dynamic parameters set up on your Facebook to automatically match the correct ads to corresponding Google Analytics data.

To setup, simply follow our two minute process to connect your preferred Google Analytics view, and then load up the right KPIs to any Top Performing Ads report. You can learn more about setting up the integration through our help article here.

Looking forward to you exploring the Google Analytics integration today. It is the first of many upcoming releases involving getting more of the data sources you care about integrated with Motion. And of course, if you are not yet on Motion, you can sign up for your free 14-day trial here.

Get a tour of Motion’s creative analytics platform. We’ll even build free sample reports for you using live data from your TikTok, Meta, and YouTube ad accounts.

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Elliott Brand
Product Manager, Motion

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