Discovering what products resonate best on paid

Comparative Analysis Report
As built by:

Naveed Ahmed

“For supplement brands, having a keen eye on what innovations resonate with customers is key. We used a Motion Comparative Analysis report to provide a live feed of what products perform best on paid - and when!"


When one of his clients asked for guidance on future product launches, Naveed knew that providing data-driven insights would be invaluable for the growth of the brand. He added Product variables to his Facebook naming conventions, and was able to leverage them to create a new Motion report that highlighted the top performers.

The result? Naveed's client now has an active feed on what products are performing best (and when). Perfect for future creative shoots and product development.

How it's done

  1. Append product name identifiers to your Naming Convention
  2. Create a new Comparative Analysis Report
  3. Create compare groups based on your naming convention (creatine, protein, preworkout etc)
  4. (Optional) Add a global filter to isolate results by funnel stage

Once built, follow results over time to compare how your products perform against each other!

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