Testing if model eye contact is better

Built by Amanda Phuong
Digital Marketing Manager, LĒVO
“I ran this fun test for a client who was wondering what how their models should pose in photos. The results showed a small but tangible impact for shots with eye contact!”


Last Month, Motion user Amanda was asked by her client to confirm a hypothesis she had heard: creatives where a model makes eye contact with the camera outperformed creatives where they didn't.

Amanda dove into her naming conventions and ran a quick empirical test on Motion to compare a series of ads featuring models she had run over the course of the prior two months. Her results showed that eye contact beat out no eye contact - with a ROAS increase of ~6%.

How it's done

  1. Append eye contact identifiers to your Naming Convention
  2. Create a new Comparative Analysis Report
  3. Create compare groups based on your naming convention (eyecontact, noeyecontact, etc)
  4. (Optional) Add a global filter to isolate results by funnel stage

Once built, follow results over time to compare how your different models perform against each other!

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