Comparing how different offers perform

Built by Gil David
Founder, Run DMG
"Digging out data on this from ads manager itself would have been arduous and time-consuming so Motion was incredible for being able to quickly build a report that clearly showed how each variant was performing based on around £5k of testing budget"


Working with a luxury goods subscription product, Motion user Gil wanted to determine which copy for three identical offers would work best: "£15 First Box", "50% Off", and "First Box Half Price".

Digging this data from Ads Manager would have been arduous (particularly given the current reporting and attribution issues), so he leveraged a Motion report to compare how each variant performed next to each other.

After setting up clear and consistent naming conventions, Motion did the rest. Although the £15 offer did best initially, by the end the 'Half Price' was much closer in CPA and both way outperformed the 50% Off. Based on this, the business focused on iterating creative for the two most successful offers and saved any further spend being wasted on the underperforming 50% offer.

How it's done

  • Append landing page identifiers to your Naming Convention
  • Create a new Comparative Analysis Report
  • Create compare groups based on your naming convention (50off, Halfoff, 15dollar etc)
  • (Optional) Add a global filter to isolate results by funnel stage

Once built, follow results over time to compare how your different offers perform against each other!

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