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August 12, 2021

Full Speed's Tyler Ward on the KPI that spells creative success

Tyler Ward, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist for Full Speed Advertising, spoke with Reza Khadjavi last week in a discussion that spanned from the KPI he trusts to measure creative success and how his agency has created a robust creative workflow with his clients.

Full Speed Advertising's creative process is predicated on a desire to help their brands discover more about themselves and their customers:

“We had a partner who thought their target was males; but through creative analysis we learned that 70% of the websites audience was women - and creatives that had female models was outperforming the males by 200%.”

What does the creative process look like?

  • We encourage our clients to be involved in the creative process. Rather than defining it themselves or having the brand define the creatives, Full Speed encourages their clients to work with them on brand discovery.
  • Having a creative person on the team helps prioritize it for the agency and customers. Full Speed has members of the team that specialize in creative to help communicate creative strategy to clients and review creative analysis within the agency.


Elliott Brand
Product Marketing, Motion
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Elliott Brand
Product Marketing, Motion
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